Dr Umashanker


Coordinator – VIT and iValley Collaboration

Dr S.Umashankar, Associate Professor, VIT University, Vellore, has 13+ years of teaching, research and industrial R&D experience.  Previously, he worked as Asst. Professor-Senior, Senior R&D Engineer and Senior Application Engineer in the field of power electronics, renewable Energy and electrical drives. He is also taken additional responsibilities like Coordinator in university’s purchase committee, Industry collaboration, Placement & Internship, Digital lecture and Online Courses, and Danfoss & HCL Colalborative Projects. He completed his Bachelor Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Government College of Technology, Coimbatore in 2001 at Bharathiar University, Coimbatore and Master of Technology in Power Electronics from VIT University, Vellore in 2004. His Doctoral work was done in the field of Application of Power Electronics in Renewable Energy at VIT    University in 2013, Vellore.

He is a member of IEEE, IEEE-IAS, IEEE-PES, IACSIT, IDES and ISTE. He has been nominated as coordinator for IEEE-IAS VIT Student Chapter and executive member of IEEE MAS YP (formerly GOLD AG) for the year 2014-16 and Vice Chairman of IEEE MAS YP for the year 2017 by IEEE Madras Section. His areas of interests are power electronics applications in wind and solar energy, electrical drives and control, smart grid and power quality. He has handled more than 17 subjects such as power electronics, power quality, Electrical (AC& DC) machines, Renewable energy sources, Distributed Generation, Microgrids, and Smart Grids etc. He has published more than 100+ research papers in national and international journals and conferences. He has also authored/co-authored/contributed 8 books/chapters and 12 technical articles on power electronics applications in renewable energy and allied areas out of which “Wind energy Systems and Applications” along with Dr D P Kothari is the latest one published with Alpha Publications, Oxford, UK. He is an Editor of  Heliyon, an Elsevier journal He has been one of the Editorial Board members in International Journal of Applied Engineering ResearchInternational journal of electronics, communication and electrical engineering,& IOSR Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and reviewer in reputed journal publications like Elsevier, IEEE and IET

He received Danfoss Innovator Award during 2014, Research Award from VIT University during 2013-16. Also He received the INAE Summer Research Fellowship for the year 2014. Under his guidance 24 P.G students and more than 25 U.G Students completed the project work. Also 6 PhD students registered under him as Research Associate. He organized more than 20+ programs, including Guest Lecture, Faculty Development Programs, Seminars, Workshops, and Symposiums etc.,.  He is also doing collaborative research projects in Harmonic Analysis & PWM Voltage Quality of MLI with Dr Alex, Nazarbayev University. He has got seed funding for various projects sponsored by VIT University, Vellore in January 2014 as a Co-investigator and also working as member in joint research projects in Power Quality Audit in Southern Railway, EMI-EMC in Solar PV Inverter, Power Quality Analysis of Industries with InPhase,Bangalore, Wind-Solar Hybrid system sponsored by MNRE with CWET,Kayathar, VIT-Danfoss joint Energy Management Project, Smart Energy Metering, Joint VIT-Nazarbayev University project on Multilevel PWM Voltage Quality, etc.,. He has delivered more than 30+ guest lectures related to Energy and its related topics in various engineering colleges and universities. He is also acting, as a paper setter, examiner, BOS member and technical advisor for various international and national conferences and technical member in various engineering colleges. He has organised the Matlab workshop in various engineering colleges including VIT and trained more than 750+ faculty members and 1500+ students for the past three years.