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Experience: 25 years of experience in R&D, Engineering, Technology and Innovation, Profit center management, Project & Risk Management, Operations, Product development, Strategic planning, Global Engineering outsourcing etc. Led multi-­‐million-­‐dollar operations and large teams in India and abroad. Own directed equipment at r&d worth around a billion dollars is successfully in the market.

Domains: Power Electronics, Power Systems, Control software and Hardware, Software Tools etc applied in Railways, Distributed Generation (Solar), UPS, Power Quality (Active Filter, STATCOM), Drives, Lighting, Fans, Pumps, Appliances, Power Electronic Transformer, Power supplies etc. Led development of Generator to Bulb including Transformers, Motors and Switchgear equipment, Sensors, Smart Meters etc.

Geographic Locations: In Switzerland and Germany for around 15 years and at different places in India and worked with people world-­‐wide.

Academic: Outstanding academic performance with Gold medals, 99.7 percentile in GATE and PhD from Germany. Have several patents and publications.


R&D, Design, Engineering: Involved for almost the entire career. Handled complete Product Life Cycle -­‐ Short list value added projects, Budgeting, Planning, Pre concept, Detailed design, Execution, Type tests, Prototype launch, Commercialization and Resolving issues in the infant mortality period, Obsolescence management etc. Significant experience in the software wrt to control and simulation of the equipment, various kind of design tools, Project management and workflow tools etc.


Marketing: Involved in mostly technical related marketing activities since 1994 in terms of discussing with customers, prepare bids for development based complex projects, travel to customer locations to make presentations, promotion of the company at conferences and exhibitions etc


HR: Short listed CVs, interviewed, recruited, organized induction and training, coached people, assessed performance, planned career, salary negotiation and increments, Policy making, Organizing events etc


Project Management: Since 1994 involved in planning projects, risk management, resource planning, estimating costs, measurement and control, execution etc


Operations: Involved in supplier development and negotiations since 1995, Purchase, Supplier development, Stores handling, Production, Testing, Quality control, etc


Finance: Budgeting and control of all kind of expenses including salaries, material procurement, operational expenses including electricity, maintenance, training, travel, profit and loss etc


Service: Involved in mostly own introduced projects for over 12 years. Experience includes commissioning of prototypes, solving field problems of both prototypes and serial products especially in the infant mortality period.




Crompton Greaves Ltd.


Nov 15 – Apr 16 Vice President R&D @ AAL Delhi NCR, India

AAL is a premier Railway equipment and Industrial UPS Manufacturer in the country with over 2 Billion INR turnover and 500 people.

Was part of the top management and was directing technology and product developmentincluding the respective software development in the area of power electronics. Currently left the company due to personal reasons and may continue to work through own firm for them and a few others.


  • Coached people to improve their Technical and non-­‐Technical skills
  • Got a few new designs ready for 25kVA and 32.5kVA railway coach inverters, New design of 130kVA inverter and a new design for the hotel load converter. A brand new design for UPS. The new designs use the latest components and innovative topologies which are more reliable and cost effective
  • Provided HW and SW solutions for the existing 130kVA inverter and 500kVA hotel load inverter problems
  • Ensured timely delivery of 130kVA inverters by organizing & leading weekly cross departmental meeting
  • Over 100 Million INR savings by modifying components in various products
  • Several recommendations to improve the organizational performance



Nov 13 – Jun 15 CTO, Head Global R&D (VP) @ CG Mumbai, India

Crompton Greaves Ltd
is a USD 2.3 billion engineering conglomerate with a diverse portfolio of products, solutions and services for Power, Industrial and Consumer (demerged now) market segments addressing myriad needs. A reputed company for over seven decades. It originates in India and has transformed itself into a global corporation. Has a footprint and manufacturing facilities in nine countries across Asia, Europe and North America.


Reported to: The CEO & MD on the company wide Technology issues and to The Chairman &the Board on a need basis especially during important events such as annual Board meeting to seek their guidance.


Was head of the Global R&D center with 240 people and all the BU R&D’s worldwide as a CTO with over 500 people i total located in Mumbai, Nashik, Bhopal, Sweden, Spain, Belgium, Hungary, Goa etc. The total R&D worldwide budget was over 40 Million USD with 8 Million USD allocated to the Global R&D in Mumbai. Was responsible for the development of all the products from the Generator to Bulb and the respective software. The products included Generators, Switchgear, Transformers, Power System Automation and Protection (Smart Grid products, Energy meters), Motors, LV Drives, Railway Products including converters & control, Fans, Pumps, Lighting, ariousv Appliances, Solar power generation and pumps, STATCOMs etc. The application areas include Industrial, Railway Transportation, Power, Consumer, Marine etc. Planned Opex and Capex and controlled the same for the worldwide r&d.




  • Business intelligence (Technology and Market), Technology vigilance, Work with Top Marketing management staff to identify the needs of the market, Collect ideas


  • Strategic planning to turnaround r&d performance and make it truly world class – Measure, Control and continuously improve


  • Prioritize and execute platform and other projects, review the project progress, transfer technology to launch products in to the market, support in the Infant mortality period etc.


  • Technology part of the mergers and acquisitions. Evaluate technologies wherever possible to decide on procuring technology vs own development


  • Represent Crompton Greaves Ltd in formulating future development strategies in India (for ex. At Confederation of Indian Industries, New Delhi), IEEE LVDC forum, ERDAetc,


  • Establish partner network worldwide with private parties and universities


  • Intellectual property management


  • Plan software tools for governance and engineering simulation


  • Mentor and motivate employees and had a CTO converse day for solving various problems of employees


  • Performance review of up to two levels below, feedback about peers, Formulate policies, Plan resources


  • Talent Management and Leadership development by training on all aspects related to product life cycle


  • Manage infrastructure including labs, facilities in various office buildings etc




  • Saved 150 Million INR in the allocated budget for the Global R&D


  • Reduced the budget of R&D by 750 Million INR for future along withConsultants


  • R&D impact of thousands of Crores (Billions of INR)


  • Planned timely closure of the Global R&D in Mumbai (India) andshifted people to various locations – Ensured that company gets USD 200 Million or 12 Billion INR wrt to land sale in time(own estimate of numbers)


  • Formed a new team for the control platform development for Railways and LV Drives to make CG self sufficient



Medha Servo Drives
  • Established an innovation culture to excel in the development of world-­‐class products to compete with companies such as ABB, Siemens, Alstom, BHEL, Schneider etc,. This resulted in several times more patent applications and paper publications. Introduced TRIZ etc


  • Established an integrated GATE process and project management which resulted in over 90% projects completed vs earlier 50%


  • Involved marketing and other relevant people in the development process to ensure high rate of success


  • Led identification of gaps in product portfolio and people skills & formulated Roadmaps to fill them


  • Organized extensive three month training (Young Researchers Program) for talented youngsters on all aspects of Product Life Cycle


  • Introduced IOT (Internet of Things) to CG


  • Introduced dynamic performance review instead of waiting for half year and annual reviews


  • Delivered lectures at renowned conferences, events and universities.


  • Invented a better alternate to the SEN Transformer for the power system power flow control


  • Got STATCOM size reduced by more than 50% and made it cost competitive and numerous other suggestions during my reviews in all areas including in materials



Sep 12 – Oct 13 Whole Time Director (CEO / MD)@ TROLEX Delhi NCR, India

Trolex India Pvt. Ltd., was established in 1992 and is apart of Vishwa Group of Companies and is located in Bangalore, India. Trolex is a market leader in the manufacturing and supply of comprehensive range of quality sensors, cubicles, consoles and auxiliary equipment for both Diesel and Electric Locomotives

Led a team of over 50 members and was responsible for all the functions of the company including Production, Engineering, R&D, Finance, HR, Marketing and Sales, Quality, Stores, Purchase, Service, Testing etc. Liaised with Indian Railways officials to understand new product requirements and facilitate to develop the same.


  • The company has grown by 60% in turnover and 50% in profit in my tenure
  • Number of new changes in the system have been introduced to improve overall governance
  • Got the company qualified for auxiliary and main traction converters. Signed agreement with EVPU in Slovakia which resulted in company to get first ever order of 130kVA, 500kVA hotel load and traction converters
  • Ensured that company’s reputation improves in the market with both suppliers and customers
  • Made a business plan for the new product development, market expansion, and resourcemanagement
  • Improved quality of the products
  • Managed development of sensor software and ensured proper utilization of ERP software such as Tally.
  • Formulated new Policies
  • Interview, recruit and developed, mentored and motivated employees to deliver the best



May 11 – Aug 12 GM Power Electronics @ Medha Delhi NCR, India

Medha Servo Drives Pvt. Ltd., founded in 1984, is focused on the rail transportation. Since inception, Medha has used Research and Development as a means for success and today it is known for the product range, domain knowledge, design expertise, quality and manufacturing capabilities. Currently employs over 2000 people and has a sales revenue of approximately USD 120 million. Medha’s R&D Centre has 500 people and has extensive infrastructure required for developing sophisticated products.


Reported to: The Chairman / MD and worked with other board members who were my colleagues and heading other areas on a full time basis.


Was responsible for the entire Power Electronics product portfolio and the respective R&D throughout the entire life cycle (bidding, product design and development, Testing & commissioning, installation, repairs & services, obsolescence management, manufacturing process etc). Had over 50 direct reports and additionally over 100 people working from the other departments. The position had very high weightage as the Total Power Electronics turnover was over 80% of the total 7 billion INR revenues. Was part of the Vision and Mission formulation top management team. Formed several KPIs to achieve the same. Responsible for the project management. Framed product and market strategy while closely working with the executive board members


  • The company total revenue was less than INR 4 billion when I had joined them and now it is over 7 billion INR mostly due to my contribution. As a result, estimated earnings are almost 10 Billion INR in the last five years (Note own personal opinion)
  • Saved several tens of millions by improving the previously faulty converters to the next generation



BOMBARDIER Transportation      SK Consultants
  • Created a platform-­‐system in the company, which helped in leveraging in-­‐house skill sets across various projects and the organization was restructured accordingly. This in combination with the company culture and belief in r&d enabled completion of over 5 years of work within 2 years


  • Trained people thoroughly so that the organization is sustainable in spite of relatively high attrition rates in India


  • Directed the development of 25kV OHE lab worth 30Cr for AC Loco and AC EMU products. Also improved the existing facility originally made for the Diesel Loco and introduced some new test facilities for manufacturing


  • Directed development of several new products for the company, which saved significantly on product technology import. They are all approved and Railways is very happy with the performance. These include


  1. AC Loco 2.3MW IGBT converter with line side unity power factor and motor side vector control software including communication software with Vehicle Control Unit, New Gate Drive unit


  1. Diesel Loco 3.0MW IGBT converter (next generation) for 4400hp Diesel Loco – numerous improvements which avoided failure of the first version in the field including removing of the snubber capacitors, introduction of the new busbars with high level of safety, New pulse patterns, New control hardware and software New Gate Drive etc


  1. Diesel Loco converter for 5500hp Loco (Bheem),


  1. Electric and Diesel Hotel Load IGBT converters 500kW each including the power electronics hardware and control software for line and load side (This was the only Diesel hotel load operating in the market)


  1. AC EMU IGBT converter 5MW (only design part)


  1. Diesel EMU IGBT converter (300kW) and rectifier including the respective control


  1. Improvements in 180kVA, 25kVA systems


  1. Integrated Power Supply development and approval from Railways


  1. Established detailed design guidelines for DC link and resonant capacitors etc


  1. Vector control development for all the locomotives with induction motor which included rotor time constant adaptation and sensor less control


  1. Introduced new control electronics with TI controllers in the field


  1. Inputs to the Auxiliary converter development (3x130kVA) for AC Loco and AC EMU (100kVA from DC Link)


  1. Fuel Injection Power supply development


  1. Auxiliary Generator replacement converter for Diesel loco


  1. Three level bidirectional chopper development for future diesel load, Kolkata metro and internal use


  1. Magnetic design improvements


  1. Introduced bus bar design in the company using INCA3D and also several other tools including Matlab / Simulink


  1. New intelligent digital in house gate drive development


  1. Directed development of new generation high efficiency power supplies
  2. Concept to simplify overall power supply structure in converters (An AC loco has 36 IGBTs which require individual power supply cards with over 10kV isolation. The new concept simplifies the power supply significantly)


  • § Implemented and periodically reviewed the Toyota LEAN system, 5S etc §§ Developed KPIs to manage the development effectively


  • § Ensured ISO and CMMI standard compliance


  • § Interviewed, recruited, developed, reviewed and managed employee performance, mentored and motivated the employees



Apr 10 – Apr 11 Founder @ SK Zurich, Switzerland
  • Initiated start-­‐up in the field of Power Electronics, drives and controls for railways and renewable, real time simulators, UPS, Power Quality and software outsourcing etc
  • Identified and evaluated suppliers in Europe for collaborating with the Indian companies for facilitating projects in India



Sep 07 – Mar 10 GM Outsourcing, Sr. Specialist (Tech Director) etc @ BT Delhi NCR, India

With 61 production and engineering sites and 18 service centers in 28 countries, Bombardier Transportation isa global leader in the rail industry. It covers the full spectrum of rail solutions, ranging from complete trains to sub-­‐systems, maintenance services, system integration and signaling. Its installed base of rolling stock exceeds 100,000 rail cars and locomotives worldwide. Its 39,400 employees continue a proud tradition of delivering ingenious rail transportation solutions, including Rail vehicles, Propulsion and controls, Bogies, Services, Transportation systems, Rail control solutions

Global Manager Outsourcing


  • Managed the global engineering outsourcing for 70 people in India
  • Managed outsourcing of engineering work from 5 sites world-­‐wide to 2 sites in India
  • Developed strategy to improve governance
  • Defining targets for each site



Asea Brown Boveri
  • Setting up governance and workload and finance control tools, templates, KPI dashboard / cockpit
  • Establish a process and own it, share best practices
  • Develop relation between India Engineering centers and sites
  • Regular site and Engineering centers reviews, Coordination
  • Resource management, control the workload, un-­‐utilization using appropriate tools etc



  • Enhanced the engineering outsourcing efficiency by accomplishing execution of a task in 3 daysinstead of 5 days
  • Improved the customer feedback rating from 3.2 to 4.2 on a scale of 5
  • Simplified processes of handling invoicing and placing purchase orders, improved internal communication, contributed to several ideas in deploying a new software tool to manage the outsourcing process
  • Improved communication with correct and on time reporting, newsletters etc
  • Have set a governance example for other divisions.


Sr. Specialist (equivalent to Technical Director) etc

  • Contributed in improving the electrical system compatibility for DC and AC locomotives
  • Coordinated ESC activities at Zurich to share best practices within BT
  • Led the development of single tool for calculation of allESC related performance issues


Global Software Process owner at Division level:

Own Train Control and Management SW process at division level for the PPC division and responsible to launch it across different sites within the division



Sep 94 – Aug 07 Tech & Inno, R&D, Engineering Switzerland, Germany, India
  • ABB is a USD 35 Billion company leading global technology in power and automation that enables utility, industry, and transport and infrastructure customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB Group of companies operate in roughly 100 countries and employ about 135,000 people. ABB has vast product and turnkey system solutions offering in Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution and Utilization such as Transformers, Switchgear, Rotating equipment, Power Electronics – LV & MV Drives, UPS, Solar inverter, Railway Converters, High current rectifiers, DC chargers and the respective services



Jan 02 – Aug 07 R&D, Technology & Innovation Switzerland

This top rated group of R&D was responsible for the platform development and technology for the future products and as well as very important order based r&d projects. Resources are hired from various r&d groups, corporate research centers, universities, internal employees on job rotation and external staff. Was primarily responsible for Railway Converters, Multi-­‐Level Converters, Low Voltage applications such as distributed generation including Micro-­‐Turbines and Power Quality, Control methods including for drives, New PWM techniques, UPS etc. Involved in the entire product life cycle.


  • Developed and launched the world class system design generalized software toolusing MATLAB for the design of voltage source converters based on the findings in the PhD thesis which became very popular in ABB. The tool is very capable and even the IGBT loss calculation part is much better than the tools provided by the IGBT manufacturers. It can work with or without MATLAB
  • Led Projects sponsored by US Naval research such as 5MW micro-­‐turbine system for ships
  • Led the very successful development of product for interfacing multiple isolated Fuel Cells to grid used to simulate vehicle loading, from bid to installation for GM USA. Power level 1MW.
  • Designed the IGBT converter system and developed the control software for high speed PM synchronous generator with specifications -­‐ 70,000 rpm, and 2.3 kHz fundamental frequencyfor Micro-­‐Turbine application
  • Developed traction standard in EU funded MODPOWER project for high speed trains (part of MODTRAIN)
  • Worked with external universities and Research Centers for the long term development objectives
  • Filed over 10 patents during this time in topologies &control. Invented over 30 multi-­‐level topologies
  • Participated in 4 bids for development orders and achieved 100% bid-­‐conversion rate
  • Global HR head felt that I could take up a high level responsibility in ABB



Jul 99 – Dec 01 Corporate Research Center Germany

Reported to Project head, Department Head

ABB Corporate Research Center was located in Heidelberg in Germany which was later moved to Ladenburg. I was selected for the internal job rotation where I became employee later due to my all round skills in hardware topology and control hardware and software including simulation. Worked in the power electronics department mostly on one High Impact Project (HIP) sponsored by the CTO and Power Systems T&D. It was in the area of Distributed Generation including Power Quality and UPS like features to operate the equipment in islanding, detect islanding and connect back to grid when it is back. The work included researching the design and control methods, design hardware and software, simulate and write control software in C, build power hardware including converter, controller, loads etc and demonstrate the complete technology prototype and transfer the technology developed to the interested BU’s. That time ABB evaluated the possibility of getting in to distributed generation and UPS however differed the decisionexcept for the micro turbine project. Even a few companies were suggested by self to be procuredin 2001. Later on ABB went on to procure a US based company called Power One for 1 Billion USDin the year 2013.



  • Created generalized system design strategy for the voltage source based converter systems and software algorithms for the Active filter control that worked in UPS mode as well. The methods were valid for any voltage converter application including in Railways. This was the basis for the powerful tool mentioned above which became very popular at ABB
  • Developed an effective technology prototype using Semikron stack and control software on the dSpace controller, and earned recognition from CRC, and several top management ABB officials for the very high quality of work (practical results)
  • Filed 3 patents related to the aforesaid innovation; part of the work has been adapted to the ACS standard low voltage drives family and other power electronic products with active damping
  • Created a Booklet on Department to distribute across ABB which was highly appreciated
  • Was promoted to Sr. Scientist within an year (requires Doctorate with up to 10 years of experience to reach this level at that time)



Jul 97 – Jun 99 Corporate R&D India

Reported to Head Power Electronics R&D

Shifted to ABB corporate R&D internally as Iwas very keen in own development rather than just indigenizing the already developed technology at that age. After some months in the HQ was asked to start a new local r&d center in Bangalore


  • Initial breakthrough of the system design methodology for converters
  • Developed low cost energy meter hardware and software
  • Developed a 15kVA IGBT stack for STATCOM application and made the first ever lab prototype of STATCOM at ABB,


India with analog control. Later a digital control was developed and the product was commercially successful

  • Planned and started local R&D at Bangalore and worked on a few projects and planned lab infrastructure etc



Jul 97 – Jun 99 Corporate R&D Switzerland, India

ABB Head Engineering of Transportation division highly appreciated the IGBT inverter made by self during his visit to IISc, Bangalore during my ME. Subsequently joined ABB in 1994 after completing ME as a part of the Engineering Team as a Sr. Engineer to be part of 300 Million USD project ordered by Indian Railways on ABB. This included 60 Million USD for the Technology of the entire Locomotive and supply of 33 locomotives (11 passenger & 22 freight). ABB planned excellent induction and allocated very clearly defined responsibility. ABB Switzerland wanted me to be transferred there however ABB India management retained me for India, due to strategic reasons


  • Simulated line and motor side control within amonth after joining (usually used to take a few months in those days
  • Was selected to be part of core development team at ABB in Switzerland where I was sent for over an year
  • Developed and improved several control modules in the Line side converter controlsoftware platform
  • Invented Individual harmonic elimination for single phase railway inverter and also trusted to solve several other complex problems successfully at ABB, Switzerland such as loco not getting unity power factor in braking etc
  • Designed type test program and worked with customers for the type test approval of the converters
  • Indigenized some key components with suppliers. Invited prices and negotiated for some facilities for the new factory for Railway equipment including test equipment and infrastructure for the office
  • Trained Indian Railway customers including Director level staff on Technology aspects in Switzerland and India
  • Interviewed, Planned and Organized the training for Management Trainees to strengthen the human resource capabilities within the transportation. This was highly appreciated by the President. Most of the candidates selected by self are in high positions today and one of them also became President of a Railway company in India
  • Wrote a couple of ISO 9001 procedures for the newly formed Transportation segment (Adtranz)





LEAN (Toyota system)     Hoschin Kanri   Servant Leadership  
Leadership -­‐ Cultural aspects   7 Habits etc   Leadership Challenge (5th Discipline)
IP Management     Project Management   Quality in Design & Development



Jan 99 – Jan 04   PhD         RWTH ISEA Aachen Germany

“Design, Analysis and Design of Grid side converters with integrated Islanding or UPS functionality”. Got outstanding grades. The work was sponsored by ABB, work completed in 2001-­‐2, Thesis submitted in 2004 and can be applied in several areas including the solar area


“Design, Analysis and Design of Grid side converters with integrated Islanding or UPS functionality”. Got outstanding grades. The work was sponsored by ABB, work completed in 2001-­‐2, Thesis submitted in 2004 and can be applied in several areas including the solar area


Aug 92 -­‐ Jan 94 ME IISc Bangalore India






Project was on Rotor Time Constant adaptation of the vector controlled Induction motor drive where I have simulated various methods and invented a new method, which was verified on simulation and later verified practically on a DSP. Built the First IGBT inverter in IISc, which worked for many years


Jan 92 GATE All India Exam India


Scored 99.7 percentile in GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering)– One of the toppers of test. This is a common test for the candidates seeking for their master’s degree. Candidates with BE degree across India could be compared using this score for their technical abilities



Jun 87 -­‐ Jul 91 BE Ravishankar University, India


Was university topper / Gold medalist for all the branch yearsand in one year topped the entire university including Engineering, Sciences etc. Was student’s union PRESIDENTand Class representative


▶  Students Union President in BE, Represented EE department during ME
EXTRA-­‐CURRICULAR ▶  Delivered lectures at conferences, universities and to customers, Inaugurated Facilities etc
▶  Lecture given on Technology day was live telecasted across CG worldwide
Review Transaction papers, Mentoring ME, PhD students etc
Has been vice-­‐captain of Heidelberg cricket team and also played prof cricket in India
▶  Three times gave an interview in the Newspapers in Germany and few times in other magazines
▶  Wrote a part of European High Speed Rail Standard MODTRAIN
▶  Chaired formulation committee for LVDC standard in India
▶  Senior member at IEEE (Qualify for Fellow)
Sports, Reading, Music

▶     Part of Spiritual Forums (Sri Sri, Gita etc)




English                              German                                      Hindi                                        Telugu


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NOTE: A few more patents are yet to be filed
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  1. Generalized Design, Analysis and Control of Grid Side Converters with Integrated UPS or Islanding Functionality (Aachener Beitrage Des ISEA), Aug 1, 2006, by Srinivas Ponnaluri


NOTE: A few more papers in other than IEEE forumsalready published and some more are pending to be written and submitted