Our Products

Motor Design Software:

MotorDesigner v1.0


Our baseline software can meet the demands of electric drive projects requiring urgent attention through being readily applicable to a wide range of applications, covering the following aspects:

  • Electromagnetic analysis
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Genetic algorithm based optimisation
  • Active materials cost
  • Torque vs current analysis
  • Non-linear flux linkage generation to generate a motor model for system simulation software

We can also facilitate more efficient solutions by customizing this software for clients to use in their own applications.

We design and analyse electric drives for applications including electric vehicles, industrial automation, wind generators and HVAC aided by our software.

The types of electric motor and actuator technologies that we cater for are as follows:

* Permanent magnet synchronous AC Motor Drive (Brushless AC Motors)

* Brushless DC Motor Drive

* Induction Motor Drive

* Permanent magnet DC Motor Drive

* Wound field synchronous Motor Drive

* Wound field DC Motor Drive

* Electromagnetic actuators