PMSM Motor Design Course



Available classroom and online one to one basis

Topics are given below.

  • Initial sizing using analytical tools and rule of thumbs (thermal and electromagnetic)
  • Axial field/ radial field
  • Inner rotor/ outer rotor
  • Slot/ pole combination
  • Winding configuration
  • Active Material selection
  • Insulation selection
  • Preliminary cooling design and thermal analysis
  • Basic FE analysis and magnetic saturation
  • Stator Electromagnetic Design Considerations
  • Rotor Electromagnetic Design Considerations
  • Virtual and physical validation techniques

A1             Flux linkage, Ld, Lq, back emf (FE)

A2              kt using FE

A3              Torque and ripple (cogging, rated and peak)

A4              Back emf and terminal voltages

A5              Flux linkages

A6              Iron losses

A7              Demagnetisation

A8              Torque vs gamma

A9              Drag Torque

A10            Torque-speed curve

A11            Steady State Thermal

A12            Transient Thermal

A13            Active short circuit

A14            Battery disconnect

A15            Winding Proximity losses

A16            Forces in the tooth/ Magnet

A17            Maps, Efficiency, Torque, Losses

A18            Inductance matrix

A19            Optimisation using genetic algorithm

A20            Other short circuit simulations

A21            Magnet eddy current losses

Assumed background

A basic knowledge and understanding of electric motors normally gained on an undergraduate degree in engineering is assumed, or the equivalent gained through industrial experience.

This course is developed and delivered by experts with academic and industrial background. Our idea is to show you, how you can improve on your specialization and help you to understand even more about electric drive technology. After our courses you will be able to carry out your motor design tasks effectively and confidently. We are also happy to provide 10hrs FREE technical assistance after the training if you were attended for 3 days.

We also provide discounts if you sign up for full package of 3 days courses.

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