Our Plans

Firstly, from April 2017 we plan to provide two types of courses, in addition to Standard Training, also covering all the engineering aspects (Control system development, Motor/electromagnetic development, Inverter design, Cooling system development, Structural design, Embedded system development, Application) of electric drive design  as follows:

Customized design training is a course customized to support a future product from an organisation, to be provided for a group of people from the same organisation.

Real-time development support (task oriented) training supports a person who is working on a task and whenever help is needed, one of us will provide personal training to complete the task.

Secondly, we are currently creating a data base of engineers who will work as dedicated staff for clients. So, if a customer requires a skilled full-time employee, we can instead provide an appropriate specialist for whom we take full responsibility and at a significant discount.

Thirdly we have initiated the provision of crowd source ideas/ open innovation for our clients. Our close cooperation with university researchers, strategic consultants, government leaders, entrepreneurs, and community leaders will be the back bone to provide this service in a very effective manner.

Additionally, this year, we would like to commence the provision of customised licensed software and coding, as it makes the design and development process more time efficient and more cost effective.

We have also activated a problem resolving hotline, where we offer an advisory service on electric drive technology for our customers. We are planning to increase our competences in this sector of the business.


If you need any further information including cost and availability of each program, please do not hesitate to contact us using the email address: enquiries@ivalley.co.uk  

We are here to help you!