More about us

We specialise in electric drives, providing development and consultancy services together with software to meet the requirements of the commercial consumer in applications to electric vehicles, wind generators, industrial automation and HVAC, supported by our research activities that maintain our position at the technological forefront. Our plans to expand our business include education and training, dedicated staff supporting individual clients, crowd source based open innovation, customised licensed software and coding, Cloud based IT services and a problem resolving hotline.

There are companies already providing the same or similar services.

So, what make us different?

We place innovation at the top of our agenda. Hence, we not only keep up to date with the state of the art in system design and the enabling technology but we use our creativity, supported by the results of our ongoing background research, to produce the best possible solutions regarding both performance and cost.  Our plans will enhance our uniqueness in offering, as one single company, services normally provided by separate vendors, thereby saving the customer time and money.

–> Our Software

We have created efficient software in terms of time and accuracy that will help to reduce the time to market the product and provide a competitive edge for customers around the world.

–> Our Talents

We have a special ability to think outside the box. This complements our analytical and practical abilities. These talents, together with our wealth and breadth of knowledge and years of experience in electric drive technology and systems enables us to provide an innovative, cost effective and timely solution to a customer’s electric drive problem, be it connected with an existing system or creation of a completely new system from the initial concept through design to fabrication.

We also have a special ability to teach, as reflected in the training programmes we provide.

–> Our mission

“to evolve an outstanding business that will lead the way in the rapidly developing technology of electric drives”

Embedded in the DNA of who we are, our mission gives us focus and direction, and inspires us in everything we do. After all, the future is not some place we are going, but one we are creating.

 –> Our goal

To meet customer expectations!

We are focused on making our customers satisfied and helping them to achieve their targets. We build our customers trust by putting them first and finishing the projects to a high standard and on time.

So how do we do this?

We provide training services, consultancy services and customized software tools for electric drive design and development and our areas of expertise spans the following stages of an electric drive development process:

  • Market Research and Design Requirements
  • Idea Generation
  • Virtual Concept, Virtual Prototyping and Optimization
  • Virtually Proven Concept
  • Physical Concept, Physical Prototyping and Optimization
  • Proven Concept